When Lakes Get Lonley…

I was walking around Trout Lake Park and had a thought: I think our lake is feeling quite lonely these days. Maybe it was the grey or the rain or the quiet couple walking around, looking for all the world that they were the lonliest people in the world, even though they were together. It got me thinking about our little lake – over the years, it has had a lot of its steams and tributaries blocked and diverted due to construction, not to mention all the human development around it, so it isn’t really “fed” by anything natural any more. It has no links to other rivers, or lakes, or oceans.

And I thought about how when I am sad and lonely it helps to speak to those that understand me, those that are like me, so was thinking that I wished my little Trout Lake could speak to a another Trout Lake………..and then I thought that with the wonders of technology, I realised, that maybe it could! We could organize a Skype conversation between our lake and another!

I have been researching the many different Trout Lakes, across the world and in Canada, and there seems to be quite a few of them. The image in this post shows just 8 of the nearly 15 I have already found… and those are just the ones that have human populations next to them!

I have contacted another Trout Lake in Canada and am in the process of organizing a Skype conversations between our lake and theirs – in the hopes that a couple hours chat with another Trout Lake might make it feel less alone in this world. I hope so. A lonely lakes is a heart breaking thought.

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