What Can You Learn From A Tree?

What Can You Learn From A Tree?
Sunday May 6th 3-430pm

The Tree Climbing event went fantastically – enjoyed by all, even the trees! And while there was some trepidation (especially from those who felt that it was dangerous!) I think we won everyone over! Besides, it only benefits the body by offering physical exercise for the old and the young, but also it has been proven that children who climb trees learn to understand risk and risk management. And because it requires abstract and complex spatial thinking, it encourages more connections between the left and right brain – broadly meaning that children who climb trees regularly have stronger neurological connections between the hemispheres. It also helps to develop risk assessment skills, helping to clarify what is a “Safe” risk and what is a “dangerous” risk – this is a nice quote that explains this:

Kids will take risks; in fact, they are programmed to take risks. The learning process requires that a child stretch upward, to the next level. Children must challenge their bodies and minds in order to grow. Without risk, there is no challenge, and consequently, there is no growth. Both physical and intellectual risks are vital to the normal development of a child. (Source)

In adults, it helps reduce stress as well as helping you develop better balance, confidence, and awareness of your bodies abilities. You could also eliminate the fear of heights and become more comfortable in situations others would consider stressful or scary. Plus, it helps build relationships and respect for trees. (This is an interesting article comparing natural climbing to playground climbing – something to think about when suggesting your children play in the park, and suggesting your children play in parks!).

And it makes sense, when you consider we are apes – we were built to climb and to our big brains developed in the trees!

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