Annoucing : Survival! – an adjunct to the Are There Trout In Trout Lake program

I wanted to let you all know about a project organized by Jenna – those of you on the ‘singing for birds’ tour might recognise her!! As we’re organising a Foraging Tour of the lake soon, and as the “Are There Trout In Trout Lake” program explores how we relate to the land around us, it seemed to fitting to tell you folks about her work at Eagle Awareness! Not affiliated with our project at Trout Lake, but nicely parallel! Please see below for information, registration, etc. Please register at the following address and contact her at that website for more information!


Eagle Awareness:

Learn ancient skills to help you connect with the natural world around you. When we learn and practice these basic skills, we empower ourselves to live a more simple, connected and regenerative life. By using what is around us, we can become more connected to the earth and to each other. Have you ever had the desire to make a fire without any matches? Or weave your own basket? Or collect your own food and medicine from the wild? Check out what the Eagle Awareness School for Nature Connection and Wilderness Living is offering.

Soft Fiber Weaving Workshop      

Sunday, June 3rd 10am-2pm at 1153 Lakewood Drive, Vancouver

Learn how to weave with soft fibers like jute, wool, hemp and cloth. These are traditional techniques from the Bedouins of the Asian deserts.  Weave your own basket and go home with the skills to weave soft fiber bags.  Bring a snack/lunch.

Sliding scale $25-$35


Primitive Fire Days

Saturday June 9th, 10am-3pm  at Trout Lake Park (Meet on the east side of the lake near the Gazebo structure)

Build your own friction fire kit- experiment with both bow drill and handrill and join in for a fun fire challenge at the end of the day.  Bring a good wood carving knife, and a lunch.

20$ per person


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